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Latest Articles & Reports by GBI RESEARCH

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Therapeutics in Major Developed Markets to 2021 – Emergence of Immunotherapies Drives Market Growth and Creates A Competitive Second-Line

Description Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) is the second most common cancer globally, and the most common cause of cancer-related mortality. Such a poor outlook, particularly for patients with advanced […]

Frontier Pharma: Ovarian Cancer – Identifying and Commercializing First-in-Class Innovation

Description Ovarian cancer is the sixth most common cancer in females and it also has the highest mortality rate of gynecological cancers. The five-year survival rate is approximately 45%, although […]

Myeloma Therapeutics in Asia-Pacific Markets to 2021 – Growth Driven by Rising Prevalence, Continued Success of Velcade, Revlimid and Emerging Supplementary Treatments

Description: Multiple Myeloma (MM) is a hematological malignancy characterized by the proliferation of plasma cells in the bone marrow. The disease is incurable; although over the past decade there have […]

Europe Renewable Energy Policy Handbook 2014

European Renewable Energy Technologies Developed with the Support of Government Policies

PharmaPoint: Prophylactic Hepatitis B Virus Vaccines – Global Drug Forecast and Market Analysis to 2022

Vaccine Manufacturers Seek to Increase Vaccine Uptake by Developing Pediatric Combination Vaccines and Adult Adjuvanted Vaccines.

Lucrative Biosimilars Space to Erode Biologics Market from 2019

The development of biosimilars have been completed over the past seven years, with a total value in excess of $10.7 billion.

Wind Power, Update 2014 – Global Market Size, Average Price, Competitive Landscape, and Key Country Analysis to 2020

Global Wind Power Market to Show Steady Growth. China overtook the US to become the largest wind power market

North and South America Renewable Energy Policy Handbook 2014

North and South America Renewable Energy Policy Handbook 2014″, presents an in-depth analysis of the renewable energy policies

Global Coking Refining Industry Outlook, 2014 – Capacity Analysis, Forecasts and Details of All Active and Planned Coking Refineries

The global coking capacity increased from 5,792.0 thousand barrels per day… It is expected to increase from 7,914.0 mbd in 2013 to 9,525.0 mbd in

Emerging Unconventional Resources Overview – Regulatory Environment, Industry Developments and Key Challenges

The development of unconventional oil and gas resources is gaining momentum across the world, with China and Australia becoming

Unconventional Oil and Gas Quarterly Deals Review, Q4 2013

This report is an essential source of data and trend analysis on mergers and acquisitions

Asia-Pacific Renewable Energy Policy Handbook 2014

Asia-Pacific region to increase the share of renewable energy in their energy mix.

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