Would you Like to be a CFD Master contributor?

CFDMaster is looking for a person with understanding of the economy and financial markets to write breaking news, hard news, features news and reports at least once a week.

Start Contributing is Easy

  1. Make sure you check our Guidelines below
  2. Send us an email
  3. Pick a subject and start writing

Benefits Of be a contributor at CFD Master

CFD Master operates in 8 countries around the world. Contributors have the opportunity to establish an online audience as a finance writer. As a contributor you will have the right to write or source your own financial reports to sell through our CFD Master portal. we are also considering other financial ways in which contributors can have3 some financial benefit.


While we prefer and support original material, we understand the need to report on current issues influencing the financial market. If you are reporting on news you must follow the following guidelines.

1. When writing an article you need to give proper attribution to reporting on news first broken by some other website, blog or source.

2. Make sure you give credit where credit is due. Proper attribution shows that you’re tuned in to and abreast of what others in your industry or particular area of coverage are saying. Not only that, attribution also saves you from future embarrassment about falsely claiming what isn’t originally yours.

Term & Conditions

1. Provide us with a Profile of yourself which will be public to viewers. You can use a nickname if you wish.

2. CFDMaster reserves the right to edit your articles. You might have to re-write the articles before we publish it if it is not targeted for our audience eg we do not print blog style writing but rather in the style of financial journalism.

3. You can not publish or submit an article already published in our website to any other news provider, website, blog, magazine, newspaper or any other type of publisher.

4. You agree that there is no income for writing for CFDMaster. That your only income will be through the sales of your financial reports.

5. You can submit for sale in our website as many report as you like. CFDMaster will transfer
you any money proceeding from the sale of your reports minus Pay Pal commission/fees and CFDMaster will discount 0.2% for admin purpose.

6. You must write an article as often as you want or at least once a month.

Risk warning: Your capital may be at risk. CFD trading is suitable for experienced traders and not beginners.