Planning for a vacation in 2018- Save money on hotels and flights with these twelve tips

Planning for a vacation in 2018- Save money on hotels and flights with these twelve tips


2018 has new hopes and desires for everyone and if you are planning for a vacation in 2018 or thinking to travel frequently this year for your business then here are the ways you can save money on hotels and flights.

As each year hotels rates rise, you many a times think twice about the budget involved in having a vacation with family or friends. Last year in 2017 the rates for hotel rooms went up by 5% to 22% than the previous year that is 2016. Many hotels and airliners though offer the best deals at the time of vacations still you need to consider few factors that can help you save some money both before you book your stay and also during your stay.

Hotel prices and rates

This statistic shows the monthly average daily rate of United States hotels from 2011 to 2017. In June 2017, the average daily rate of hotels in the United States was 129.12 U.S. dollars.

1. Find what’s extras on the offering for hotels

Many hotels have those extras offerings which you need to ask them at the time of booking. The more services your rate includes, the better charge for your valuable money. So make sure there are features you will actually use though, otherwise you’re spending more than you need to. Common extras that can save you lots are free breakfast, free Wi-Fi and kids eat free. All those bowls of fruit and free coffee and tea in the lobby are also included in your room rate, so take advantage of them during your stay.

2. Sign up for mileage programs for your flights

You can’t gain miles if you don’t sign up. Join frequent flyer programs, so you can start accruing those miles. Pick one or two airlines that you use most often and try to funnel all your points into those programs either by flying with them or their code share partners.

3. Buy gifts and dine out under such programs

Most flight mileage programs have a merchant list where you can register several credit or debit cards and then earn miles for each purchase you make through their participating shops or meal you have at restaurant partners. You’re probably doing these things anyway, so why not make it count toward future travel.

4. Use your credit card  to earn rewards

Look for a card that gives you rewards. There are a ton of credit card companies that offer mileage cards that give you miles for each dollar you spend. In fact, you can get a free plane ticket just for signing up and using certain ones. Get a lump of up to 50,000 miles just by charging a minimum amount in the first three months. Use it for bills, groceries, gas and anything else you would normally use your bank account for and then pay it off at the end of the month. It’s an easy way to accrue miles and can add up really fast.

5. Become a rewards member for a group of hotels

If you like staying at a particular chain of hotel or at same hotel in all your vacations or business trips then sign up for their rewards program. Not only can you rack up points for each stay that you can then use on upgrades and free nights in the future, but rewards members also get notified of exclusive deals that can save you a ton.

Credit rewards

6. Stay in hotels right outside the city center

If the costs for transportation won’t make up the difference you’d be paying on a closer location, you can frequently get a fantastic deal this way. You could also look into staying in the university district of a city. Hotels are more affordable, cheap eateries are plentiful and public transportation is convenient.

7. Better venture out for meals

Though room service sounds really appealing, prices for food on the menu can be twice as much as you would pay for the same food at a restaurant. Gratuity is always included in the tab and usually masked as a delivery charge. Most travellers don’t know this and add a tip to the bill when the waiter brings their food.

Also you can bring your own snacks or hit the grocery store. Anything is better than the rates for items in the mini bar. The prices are outrageous and don’t even think about trying to replace it with the same item later.

8. Ask for upgrade to a suite

If you are travelling with more members in a family , a suite can cost much less than adjoining or separate rooms. They offer more space and often have bedrooms, so everyone isn’t crammed in the same small space and adults don’t have to go to bed early just so they don’t wake up their kids when their bedtime rolls around.

9. Opt for a corner room

Corner rooms are a bit larger than regular rooms in a hotel and can give you a better deal for your money. Once you check in, ask if one of these rooms is available. This is easier if you show up close to check-in time, but before the flood of guests show up to get their keys. You can also call ahead and request a corner room with your existing reservation.

10. Avoid the weekends, holidays as the hotel rates are high

Hotels in popular destinations regularly raise their rates on Fridays and Saturdays. In some cases, it can be as much as three times more than Sunday through Thursday nights.

11. Before booking compare the hotel prices

Comparison of hotel prices can save you up to 70% . Before you book any of your rooms search and find the best deals on offering. As almost all the hotels offer online booking you can easily get to know and compare the hotel prices over the internet.

12. Rent a car

Whenever you rent a car, you have the choice to include your frequent flyer member number. Some will charge a nominal fee, but it can be more beneficial to pay less than a dollar a day to earn one or more miles per dollar spent on your rental. If you are a member of the rental club, you can double dip by also getting points for your rental.

Also for the urban or small-town jaunt, ride-sharing apps like Uber or Lyft are a better financial choice over a car rental. If you can walk to many of the locations within your destination, are staying for a three- or four-day weekend and have to pay for parking, ridesharing or public transit is the way to go. However, if you are traveling a distance and have free parking at your hotel, take another look at car rentals. If you are flying, consider an outlier rental location instead of renting your car at the airport. Also, keep the smaller car rental companies in mind, ask for a discount and shop around endlessly. Deal-making can continue when you are picking up your rental car — ask for a free upgrade or extras.

So you see that there are plenty of ways which can save you money in hotels and flights when travelling. Better start taking advantage of hotels and flight programs and deals that allow you to have budget friendly vacation and to have more of fun altogether.

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